RSL NSW Strategic Plan 2021-2026

RSL NSW is achieving positive organisational change through implementation of the Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026, which aims to ensure that by 2026 every veteran in NSW knows what the RSL stands for, what it does, and wants to be involved as a member.

Since the implementation of the Strategic Plan, membership has become fee-free and grown 28.7%; the RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program has expanded to 64 locations, delivering more than 600 activities for veterans and their families in 2023; sub-Branches have donated generously to charitable initiatives through the Veteran Support Fund; and a state-wide education and training program has been implemented to support volunteer Office Bearers in 315 RSL sub-Branches across NSW.

The Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026 came about following extensive consultation with members, who decided it was critical for RSL NSW to maintain a presence across the state, modernise and innovate, and reassert itself as the leading advocacy service for Australian veterans.

To find out more about how RSL NSW is strategically investing in the future to proudly maintain its place as the most recognisable and respected community organisation in the nation, click the button below to review the full strategic plan which has been updated in May 2023.

RSL NSW Strategic Plan 2021-2026


For the latest dashboard update on the progress of the Strategic Plan implementation click here. Previous dashboards and task updates provided to the RSL NSW Board can be found below.

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