RSL NSW Veteran Support Fund

Find out how ESOs and other organisations access financial support from RSL NSW for 2025 and beyond.

How charities and not-for-profit organisations can access financial support from RSL NSW for 2025 and beyond

For over 100 years, the Returned and Services League in NSW has been committed to supporting the veteran community, including other ex-service organisations and registered charities delivering critical services and programs to current and former serving members of the Australian Defence Force.

The RSL NSW Veteran Support Fund was established to bolster the ongoing financial support that the League in NSW provides to organisations that align with our charitable purpose; supporting veterans and their families by connecting them to services to improve their wellbeing and connecting them to their local community through camaraderie, mateship, recreation, and commemorating their service.

RSL NSW welcomes applications for donations to support initiatives delivered by other veterans' charities in 2025 and beyond. To be eligible:

  1. Your organisation must be a registered charity that aligns with the RSL NSW charitable purpose; supporting veterans and their families
  2. The initiative should align with the RSL NSW Strategic Plan 2021-2026
  3. Your initiative, service, or program is not already being delivered by our partner charity, RSL LifeCare Veteran Services, or any other RSL charity
  4. Your organisation must be willing to recognise RSL NSW for its support.

Here’s how the process works:


Sub-Branch identifies an initiative to nominate


Sub-Branch completes the VSF Funding Proposal Form and submits it to their District President by 31 March each year.


Proposals are assessed by District Presidents' Council.


Approved initiatives and targets are published at by 1 August and sponsorship agreements are prepared.

If you have any questions about the RSL NSW Veteran Support Fund, please contact or our members at your local RSL NSW sub-Branch.

Contact your local RSL NSW sub-Branch to find out what your organisation will need to provide to be nominated.

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Veteran Support Fund Dashboard FY2023/24

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Nominated charities will be contacted by RSL NSW prior to 30 June 2024 to finalise sponsorship arrangements.

What is the RSL NSW Veteran Support Fund (VSF)?

The Veteran Support Fund financially supports initiatives delivered by ex-service organisations and other charitable or not-for-profit organisations that are aligned with our charitable purpose to support veterans and their families.

What kind of initiatives will the Veteran Support Fund support?

The Veteran Support Fund will support initiatives that are aligned with our charitable purpose and that are not already being delivered by a RSL NSW-related service provider.

For example, RSL LifeCare Veteran Services is our partner charity and provides a range of services and support such as Veteran Wellbeing Centres/Veterans’ and Families’ Hubs, wellbeing support and financial assistance, DVA claims and advocacy, employment assistance, homelessness and housing support, and equine therapy. 

I am a not-for-profit organisation and not a registered charity, can I get funding through the VSF?

RSL NSW donations can only be made to charities that are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC). Not-for-profit organisations that provide a service that is aligned to RSL NSW’s charitable purpose could receive funding as a recognised allowable expenditure but not a donation through the VSF. 

For example, paying for a cadet unit to support a local ANZAC Day service, or running a sport and recreation activity for veterans and their families in the community, are allowable expenses which, if approved by the members attached to the sub-Branch, can be funded directly, but will not be an eligible VSF initiative.

Can I submit a funding proposal directly to the head office of RSL NSW?

No, an organisation must be nominated for funding by an RSL sub-Branch. 

You will need to directly liaise with members at an RSL NSW sub-Branch, who will complete the VSF Funding Proposal form and submit it for consideration for funding with other state-wide nominations. 

You can find a RSL NSW sub-Branch at:

Could multiple initiatives for one ESO be included in the proposal by a sub-Branch, or do they have to be individually proposed?

Yes, multiple initiatives for the same organisation can be included in a single funding proposal.

Does my organisation need to consult with multiple RSL NSW sub-Branches for funding or would one sub-Branch submit a proposal to support our initiative?

An organisation can seek support from multiple sub-Branches. Alternatively, it can select a lead sub-Branch and seek endorsement of their proposal from other sub-Branches in the region.

In any event, all nominations for funding will lead to the VSF for consideration.

Why aren’t RSL Club profits funnelled into RSL NSW’s charitable purpose?

RSL NSW and its sub-Branches are a registered charity, whereas RSL Clubs are not. RSL Clubs are typically not-for-profit entities that operate licensed premises and are governed by different legislation than for charities, and different legislation from RSL NSW.  

RSL NSW and its sub-Branches do not own or operate any registered clubs, nor do they own or operate poker machines.  In other States, RSL sub-Branches may own and operate clubs and hold poker machine licences. 

Some RSL NSW sub-Branches may have an in-kind agreement in place to hold meetings or commemorative events at their local RSL or Services Club at no cost to the charity, however, they are completely separate entities.

Some RSL and services clubs donate ClubGrants to our partner charity, RSL LifeCare Veteran Services to deliver services and support to veterans and their families.RSL NSW has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the RSL and Services Clubs Association and Clubs NSW around shared objectives to support veterans and their families.

What is the term of the funding?

RSL NSW donations will occur annually. There is an opportunity for initiatives to be funded for up to five years.

What are the commercial arrangements once an initiative has been approved to be included in the VSF?

RSL NSW will negotiate the terms of the commercial agreement with the beneficiary organisation before making any donation including how the League will be publicly recognised for its support and any reporting requirements.

Do veterans within my organisation need to be members of RSL NSW for our funding proposal to be considered?

No. However this is a great way for like-minded veterans to build a relationship with their local sub-Branch and support the volunteers who are delivering services and support to veterans and their families and organising local commemorative events in their community.

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