‘Postcards of Honour’ Teaching Resources

What’s included

Participating schools will receive the following to help students create their own postcard:  

 A visit from a veteran: A local RSL sub-Branch representative will speak to students (between 20 May – 7 June) about the MEAO commemoration. Once the postcards are completed, the veteran will return for a postcard ‘show and tell’ (between 1-5 July).   

A ‘Postcards of Honour’ pack, containing:  

  • Information/instruction booklets (each with sketchpad section)   
  • Blank postcards (with space to draw on the front and write on the back)  

We recommend giving students one blank postcard and booklet each. 

For privacy reasons:

  • No recipient address is provided, but each postcard will be given by RSL NSW to a veteran in the community.
  • Sender details can be limited to first name and age.

Extra teaching resources


Between 2001 and 2021, Australian military personnel and civilian staff from various agencies served on Middle East operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. On 11 July 2021, the Minister for Defence confirmed all Australian Defence Force personnel had departed Afghanistan, bringing our nation’s longest war to a close.   

Tragically, 41 Australian lives were lost in Afghanistan and two lives were lost in Iraq, while many veterans returned with lasting physical and mental trauma. This year, RSL NSW has established 11 July 2024 as the inaugural MEAO Commemorative Day. 

The commemoration allows the Australian community to reflect on and recognise the service and sacrifice of our Defence personnel and their families, including those who served in or supported operations in the MEAO. 

Additional information and veteran stories: