About Us

The Returned and Services League of Australia NSW is a member-based veterans’ charity founded in 1916, and the largest veterans’ charity in Australia.

It is a statutory corporation incorporated under the RSL NSW Act 2018 (the Act).

Our Purpose

Support veterans and their families by connecting them to services to improve their wellbeing and assist
former Australian and allied veterans and families by connecting to them to their local community, through
camaraderie, mateship, recreation, and commemorating service.

Our Vision

By 2026 every veteran in NSW knows what the RSL stands for, what it does, and wants to be involved
as a member.

Our Motto

One RSL—working together, delivering locally.

Our Mission

RSL NSW’s mission is to respect, support and remember our veterans and their families. This mission is delivered through a number of bodies, including:

  • The RSL NSW network of sub-Branches, housing local services and welcoming spaces in nearly 350 small towns and suburbs right across New South Wales.
  • RSL LifeCare, our partner charity, specialises in supporting veterans and their families with various services that focus on providing a lifetime of wellbeing.
  • Australian Forces Overseas Fund (AFOF), offering services to currently serving Defence personnel overseas.

RSL NSW is a charity registered with and regulated by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

Find out more about what we do.

Administration & Governance

RSL NSW is committed to strong and ethical governance in accordance with best practice standards. Read more about the administration of RSL NSW as well as our corporate governance including information on our Board of Directors.

You can find historical Annual Reports here.


Any person who has been a member of the Australian Defence Force for at least six months (unless discharged earlier for reasons outside their control), or who served with or supported the armed forces of an allied or Commonwealth country, may be admitted as a Service Member of RSL NSW. Any non-veteran may join the League as an Affiliate Member at sub-Branches that accept this category of membership.

There are currently over 315 sub-Branches across the state, organised into 23 District Councils. Most sub-Branches represent a geographic area, but a few represent a particular occupation or branch of the armed forces. Find out more about becoming a member of RSL NSW.

RSL NSW currently has over 24,000 members across membership categories which includes both Service and Affiliate members. Membership and eligibility are covered by Clauses 3  and 4 of the constitution.

Contact RSL NSW

Contact us via our website enquiry form. Alternatively, you can find your local sub-Branch.