RSL NSW Sport and Recreation Program

The RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program is our social connection and well-being program inclusive of all veterans and their families. Our program includes a variety of sub-Branch-led activities, both sport and recreation focused. Join in the fun! Check out the calendar of activities below to find an activity near you.

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About the RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program:

Following the success of the RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Pilot, ANZAC House is pleased to announce the launch of the state-wide RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program.

The RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Pilot was key to Goal 3, initiative 3.8 of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan, which aims to grow membership and support veterans, and their families through participation in fun and healthy activities. You can learn more about the pilot in the Members’ Final Report.

The Program will consist of three options for sub-Branch participation:

  1. The Participation Competition: A point-based competition with a focus on participation and collaboration. Bonus points are offered for hosting family-friendly activities and collaborating with nearby sub-Branches and local veteran-serving organisations. This can include ex-service organisations, for-profit entities that benefit veterans, and veteran-owned or operated businesses.
  2. The Challenge Ladder: A team-based, multi-activity competition held between proximate sub-Branches. (NB: To participate there must be a minimum of four teams registered within the district)
  3. The Social Program: A non-competitive option that focuses on promoting activities without accruing points or positions.

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