Sydney CBD March

An event like no other, the ANZAC Day March brings the Sydney CBD to a standstill as over 10,000 current serving members and veterans of the Australian Defence Force file past the Anzac Memorial to pay their respects to the fallen.

Spectators are invited to line Elizabeth Street and show their support for the brave men and women who have served their country, and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice or suffered as a result of their service.

The ANZAC Day March begins at 9am at the intersection of Elizabeth Street and Martin Place, finishing at Liverpool Street at approximately 12.30pm.


Following the March, a commemoration service is held next to The Pool of Remembrance at the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park South at 12.30pm. Click here for details.

Information for March participants:

Click here for the map of the March route and form up locations

Honorary Secretaries of all units, ships, squadrons or associations are asked to register their intention for their group to march by completing the online registration form. You can register here.

The Order of March will be:

  • Royal Australian Navy/Australian Army/Royal Australian Air Force
  • British and Commonwealth Forces
  • Civilians in support of Australian Troops
  • Descendants of Australian veterans
  • Allies

Click here for the Order of March (includes form up locations and times)

For information about eligibility, form up locations, protocol, media accreditation, and other important details see below:

Key information
Eligibility to march

There are three ways by which an individual can participate in the March:

  1. As an Australian veteran

Veteran eligibility to march is based on anyone who has served in the ADF. Veterans should assemble with one of the service units of which they were/are a member. The choice of where to march is a personal one however it is recommended that those who served together should march together as an act of remembrance and mateship.

  1. As the descendant of an Australian veteran. Please refer to the RSL NSW guidelines found here.
  2. As a veteran or descendant of a Commonwealth or Allied Force. Please refer to the RSL NSW guidelines found here.
World War II Veterans

There are three options available for WWII veterans participating in the March which are detailed here.


Order of March and form up locations

The Order of March can be found here and on the March map.

Veterans should assemble with one of the units of which they were/are a member. The choice of where to march is a personal one however it is recommended that those who served together should march together as an Act of Remembrance and mateship.

Formations of more than 8 should march as close to 8 abreast as practicable.

Units should form up as follows: (a) leader (b) banner party (c) veterans and (d) carers.

The March is four hours long and aged or infirm veterans who feel they may not be fit to walk the entire distance are encouraged to position themselves at the rear of their formation. This allows the veteran to fall out independently and proceed to an exit point.

Act of Remembrance

The Act of Remembrance will be observed as units pass the Anzac Memorial on Elizabeth Street. Signage will be positioned in the correct area to assist unit leaders with giving the eyes left command. At this command, veterans in civilian dress are to remove their hats, place their right hand over service medals and keep in that position until the unit leader gives “eyes front”., when the reverse is to be followed. Heads are to be turned towards the Memorial when passing it. Banners and Flags are to be dipped. Defence Force formations are to salute the Memorial as they pass it.

Vehicles in the march

Veterans who are unable to march, but can make their way into the city, should make use of vehicle service provided for the March. This year landrovers will be made available with thanks to RSL Lifecare. These landrovers can be found on the day on the corner of Hunter Street and Chifley Square. No booking is required.

Taxis in the March

Did you know that RSL NSW offers free taxi transportation for the Sydney ANZAC Day March for veterans with a disability or limited mobility?

With thanks to NSW Taxi Council and their members, veterans who cannot participate in the Sydney CBD March on foot can access a free taxi service directly from their homes. This service is made possible through the allocation of vehicles and drivers from Taxi Service Providers across Sydney.

The Sydney CBD March is a major event and road closures will be in place. Only taxis that are booked with the NSW Taxi Council for veterans with a disability or with limited mobility will be permitted to enter the event zone.

How does this work?

RSL NSW works with the Taxi Council to allocate a taxi to you. The driver will pick you up from your nominated address, drive you to the Sydney CBD, through the March and drop you off at home (or other location).

Bookings for this service must be made no later than Thursday 6 April 2023.

How do I make a booking?

Please contact the NSW Taxi Council directly on 8339 4644 to book a taxi.

The following information should be available at the time of booking:

• Name and pick-up address
• Contact phone numbers (home and mobile)
• Whether the veteran wishes to be:

a) PICKED UP at home, ride around the March route, and return home
b) PICKED UP at home, ride around the March route and attend the Commemoration Service (taxi will not wait); or
c) PICKED UP at home, ride around the March route and be dropped off at a reunion (taxi will not wait).
d) Whether an assistant/carer will be travelling with the veteran (for those veterans requiring help)
e) Whether equipment such as a wheelchair, gas bottle etc. will be with the veteran.
f) Whether a wheelchair-accessible taxi (WAT) is required.

How will I know what time the taxi will pick me up?

Veterans who have made a booking will be informed by the NSW Taxi Council the week before ANZAC Day of the time that they will be collected.

Can my carer or family travel with me to and through the March?

Yes, you can have a carer accompany you in the taxi.

For more information, please contact RSL NSW on or call 1300 679 775.


Expressions of interest for bands have now closed.

Please contact ANZAC House if your band has missed the deadline email or call 1300 679 775.


Formations are to be dismissed under the direction of marshals in Liverpool Street, east of Elizabeth Street. Dismissal is to be kept brief and formation commanders are requested to refrain from taking salutes etc as it is essential that the roadway not be blocked for those following close behind. Please follow any directions given by marshals, Fire & Rescue NSW, NSW Police and SES.


If your ship, unit, squadron or associations is holding a reunion, you can add it to the

list of events on the RSL NSW website. Please complete the form online here.


Accessible Viewing Areas:

We aim to ensure the March on Anzac Day is welcoming and accessible to all. A designated accessible viewing area is available for people with disability/limited mobility and their guests at the following location:

  • In front of the Sheraton Grand Hotel on the western side of Elizabeth Street

To register for seating in the accessible viewing area, please contact Karen Wade on or call 9228 4613.

To help plan you journey to the March, information on public transport services is available here

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones:

Accessible drop-off & pick-up points are available at the following locations:

  • 197 Macquarie Street at Martin Place (western side, front of St Stephen’s Church)
    • 210 Pitt Street approaching Market Street (eastern side, outside Piccadilly Shopping Centre)
    • 25 Commonwealth Street (western side) near Clarke Street

These locations are no parking zones or special event clearways, so persons utilising these areas will be required to move on as soon as they have dropped off their passengers.

Accessible Amenities: 

Portable accessible toilets that consider wheelchair users will be located at 201 Elizabeth St out the front of Starbucks and across the road on Elizabeth St (Hyde Park side); otherwise there are wheelchair accessible toilets at the CBD train stations.

Pedestrian Cross-Over Point:

The main cross-over point is at the corner Elizabeth Street at Park Street. Pedestrians crossing at this point will be managed by police/volunteers/security guards.

Road Closures and Parking

Extensive road closures and clearways will be in place throughout the Sydney CBD from 2am to 4pm – Road Closures Map.

Event parking is only available in designated areas and is limited to those vehicles with a Vehicle Access Permit.  No coaches or vehicles can park in a clearway without a Vehicle Access Permit. Any coach or vehicle parking in a clearway causes additional traffic congestion. Please contact RSL NSW to apply for a permit: or 1300 679 775.

Temporary bus terminals and diversions will be in place between 3am and 4pm due to road closures.

Temporary taxi rank will be located on Wentworth Avenue near Wemyss Lane.

Other important information

Medals authorised to be worn are worn on the left breast. Unauthorised and commemorative medals may be worn on the right breast. Insignia or orders etc. should be worn as prescribed.

Descendants wear medals on the right breast.

The Sydney ANZAC Day March is not a parade and therefore no vehicle, animal, weaponry or memorabilia (including historical uniforms) may be included without prior approval by RSL NSW.
Escorts to Colours etc. and catafalque parties may carry arms. Otherwise, service contingents should only carry arms when authorised by RSL NSW.

RSL NSW does not keep, or arrange to have made, any military banners or flags for veterans to march behind.

Toilets are located throughout the form up area, and dispersal area. There are accessibility toilets within these locations.

RSL NSW does not provide any wheelchairs for veterans on the day.

As the ANZAC Day March is an Act of Remembrance and Commemoration, dress should reflect the dignity of the occasion. Business attire is appropriate.

I am employed by a media outlet. How can I access ANZAC Day event areas?

If you are a journalist, producer or camera operator, media accreditation is required to access the official Sydney Dawn Service and March event areas.

To ensure your accreditation can be processed, please complete this form by 18 April 2024.