Circular 28/22 Sub-Branch Annual Returns (SBA)

Further to Circular 22/22, the updated online SBA Form is now available in the sub-Branch portal. ANZAC House thanks sub-Branch Office Bearers for their patience while important functionality improvements were made, in response to welcomed feedback.

Some Office Bearers have advised ANZAC House that their SBA has been submitted, however, the submission status remains as draft for some sub-Branches. All Office Bearers are encouraged to check the status of their SBA submission in the sub-Branch portal and ensure that it is submitted in full.

Due to some changes to the functionality of the SBA form, an updated ‘how to’ video is now available here. If your sub-Branch has already submitted its SBA for 2021, there is no requirement to submit the information again.

If your sub-Branch fails to lodge its SBA it will not be eligible to have a District Council Delegate attend meetings of its District Council or have a Delegate or Alternate Delegate attend and/or vote at the Annual General Meeting, Congress, or any General Meeting, as per 15.39-15.41 of the RSL NSW Constitution.

If you have any questions or require assistance to complete the 2021 SBA using the online form, please contact the RSL NSW Support Team on or 1300 679 775.

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