Circular 29/22 Support and Wellbeing Survey

Please complete the 2022 RSL NSW sub-Branch Support and Wellbeing Survey which contains 34 simple questions across five categories, designed to be completed in 20 minutes by sub-Branches on an annual basis. Click here to take the survey.

The information captured by the survey will serve two purposes; provide the data to build the RSL’s Catalogue of Services (introduced to sub-Branches online on Friday 8 July), and to assist ANZAC House and sub-Branches to promote local services and support. A link to a recording of the Catalogue of Services introduction can be found here and the presentation slides are available here.

As noted in Circular 24/22, the Catalogue of Services is intended to be a one-stop-shop that connects veterans to services provided by the RSL and other ex-service organisations (ESOs) in any location in Australia. The catalogue will be an important resource to promote what the League is and what our members do to support veterans and their families in their communities, and particularly to clarify the common misconception that the RSL is a club, not a member-based charity.

The Catalogue of Services is designed to assist veterans, families, and those in the process of leaving the ADF to readily access the support services they need, when they need them. This is a service that members across the League have been calling for and is now being delivered by the RSL NSW Strategic Plan (Initiative 4.1), in collaboration with other RSL state branches. The RSL’s Catalogue of Services will be introduced to every transitioning ADF member, so they will be able to find and contact their local sub-Branch in their new home location, and know what support the sub-Branch can provide.

RSL sub-Branches are an important support service in the Catalogue. By completing the survey, sub-Branches can help the RSL provide this much-needed Catalogue of Services to every current serving member of the ADF, veterans, and their families.

And importantly, by completing the survey your sub-Branch will appear on the Catalogue of Services portal so that local veterans in your community are able to find you. On the other hand, failing to complete the survey may delay the appearance of your sub-Branch on the portal and may not capture relevant details.

The survey also aims to discover where sub-Branches perform best in the provision of services to veterans and the local community, and identify opportunities where ANZAC House or other sub-Branches in the District can support best practice and the expansion of services offered. It is not a financial report, sub-Branches will not be competing against each other, and only information relevant to the Catalogue of Services will be published.

By completing the survey, sub-Branches and ANZAC House can work together to:

  • Create a comprehensive and effective Catalogue of Services
  • Improve and promote the information available to the RSL network and the public
  • Identify best practice sub-Branch activities achieving positive outcomes for veterans and their families
  • Identify what additional support sub-Branches require from RSL NSW
  • Improve annual reporting, and associated grant funding opportunities, for sub-Branches and RSL NSW.

The Wellbeing and Support Survey is available here. For any assistance, please contact our Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or