Circular 2/22 Sub-Branch Annual Returns (SBA)

The RSL NSW Constitution requires sub-Branch Annual Returns (SBA) to be submitted to ANZAC House by 31 March each year. The team at ANZAC House has streamlined this process by developing an online SBA lodgement system.

Efficiencies have been made to the SBA process including:

  • The SBA lodgement can be completed entirely online – there is no need to print, scan or send paper documents
  • Auto-calculation of totals
  • Auto-population of notes and sub-Branch information already captured in the Portal
  • Ability to add fields to insert information outside of the parameters of the form

The completed online SBA Form can be downloaded and printed by any sub-Branch Secretary that prefers to keep paper-based records.

The online SBA form will be available in the sub-Branch Portal from Tuesday 1 February 2022.

An instructional video is available to watch by clicking on this link and the RSL NSW Member Support Team is available during business hours to provide technical assistance.

We appreciate your patience in the delay to access to the online annual return form.

Please contact the Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or email if you have any questions regarding the new SBA online process.