Circular 81/23 Introducing the interim ADF Event Presence Plan 

To coordinate RSL NSW’s presence at all significant ADF transition activities and events in NSW, ANZAC House is pleased to announce a state-wide interim ADF Event Presence Plan.  

This plan has been developed in support of initiative 2.5 of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan, which aims to proactively engage current serving personnel by ensuring a prominent RSL presence at Defence and community events.  

The interim ADF Event Presence Plan, as approved by the District President’s Council on 30 June 2023, outlines the process for District Councils to work with ANZAC House and sub-Branches to identify and coordinate a uniform approach to event opportunities. RSL NSW sub-Branches will be better equipped to engage with current serving personnel, and subsequently connect them with their local sub-Branch. 

The process is as follows: 

  • ANZAC House confirms RSL NSW attendance at an annual schedule of events within NSW, and updates the plan with relevant dates and locations 
  • ANZAC House coordinates co-location/presence with the Joint Transition Authority, RSL LifeCare and the National Centre for Veteran Healthcare, where appropriate   
  • All event dates, locations, and details are shared with the relevant District Councils, 
  • District Councils then engage their sub-Branches for volunteers and coordinate volunteers’ attendance at the events 
  • District Councils contact a local advocate to attend the transition seminar, to be able to answer advocacy questions and promote the advocacy that is available to veterans through their local sub-Branches and RSL LifeCare 
  • District Councils request the ‘Event in a Box’ package from ANZAC House, which includes information and promotional material such as branded banners, tablecloth, postcards, flyers, polo shirts and copies of the most recent Reveille magazine 
  • Post-event, the District Councils arrange for the return of the ‘Event in a Box’ package to ANZAC House, and provide an informal report on the event, their engagement with current serving personnel, and any feedback for future events. 

You can view the full interim ADF Event Presence Plan in the sub-Branch Portal. 

This is an interim process until Initiative 3.4 of the Strategic Plan can be implemented.