Circular 82/23 End-of-year administrative requirements

As 2024 approaches, ANZAC House kindly requests that sub-Branches review their membership records in the sub-Branch Portal for currency and accuracy.

All ‘Active’ (formerly Financial) members will remain Active. Unlike in the past, members will not default to ‘Inactive’ (formerly Unfinancial).

Office Bearers are encouraged to make direct contact with members each year to determine their membership status, and ensure they wish to remain ‘Active’, and to review their address (both street and postal) as well as phone and email contact details in the sub-Branch Portal, so they can continue to receive the Reveille and email updates about the support and services available to them.

This also serves as a good opportunity to conduct welfare checks on members and their families who do not regularly attend meetings and other events, and to connect them with any support or services they may need.

For sub-Branches with large memberships this may be an onerous task, however this can be carried out at sub-Branch meetings, by phone roster (multiple people responsible for calling multiple members), or email, with the assistance of the ANZAC House Member Support Team.

A list of members and their contact information can be exported from the sub-Branch Portal. If you require assistance with doing this, please contact or follow the instructions on page 13 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide. Please ensure that this information is stored securely to comply with The Privacy Act.