Circular 69/23 2024 RSL NSW sub-Branch Annual Budget Form

Further to Circular 58/23, the 2024 Annual Budget Form is now available in the sub-Branch Portal. Sub-Branches are usually required to complete and submit their 2024 Annual Budget by Thursday 30 November 2023. To allow for the change to the online format sub-Branches have until 31 December 2023 to submit their budgets.

The new online Budget Form is designed to align with the income, expenditure, and donations line items specified in the sub-Branch Annual Return. For instructions on how to complete the sub-Branch Annual Budget online, please refer to Section 9 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide.

Budgeting is the process aimed at preparing a financial plan for future operations of the sub-Branch. It enhances financial performance, governance, and reporting. The sub-Branch 2024 Budget serves as a summary of income and expenditure over the 12-month period from January to December 2024.

Budgets are invaluable management tools that allow sub‐Branches to compare actual income and expenditure against their initial budgeted or forecasted figures. The sub-Branch Budget should reflect the requirements of POL01 Funding the Charitable Purpose and SOP01 Funding the Charitable Purpose, specifically in determining the net surplus available to donate to the Veteran Support Fund while also considering the principles laid out in SOP07 – Accounts, Financial Management and Expense Reimbursement.

Please note that the Veteran Support Fund initiatives will be released on 1 November 2023. Please consult members attached to your sub-Branch about supporting the initiatives with your surplus funds after allocating operational and other expenditures for 2024.

The Veteran Support Fund page will be updated on 1 November with the 2024 Veteran Support Fund initiatives approved by the District Presidents’ Council. Additional information about the new SOP1, including answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the same page.

To complete the sub-Branch 2024 Annual Budget:

  • Log into the sub-Branch Portal
  • Click the Annual Budget tab on the top menu
  • Select the year 2024
  • You will have the option to complete the sub-Branch 2024 Budget with either monthly or yearly figures
  • Please ensure that all amounts are entered in WHOLE DOLLARS ONLY.

In accordance with SOP7, the sub-Branch Executive must present the Annual Budget for expenditure and donations to sub-Branch members for approval prior to submission. The Annual Budget Form can be ‘Saved as Draft’ and then downloaded for your convenience and distribution to members. Please record in your meeting minutes that the Annual Budget has been presented to, accepted, and ratified by all members attached to your sub-Branch. Sub-Branches may wish to discuss the proposed budget with members at their November meeting after the 2024 Veteran Support Fund initiatives have been approved and published.

Please complete the 2024 sub-Branch Annual Budget on or before 31 December 2023.

If you require any assistance with completing the online Annual Budget form, please contact your Member Support Team at or call 1300 679 775.