Circular 58/23 SOP7 – Accounts, Financial Management and Expenses Reimbursement

Further to Circular 32/23, amendments to the Standard Operating Procedure 7 (SOP7) – Accounts, Financial Management and Expenses Reimbursement have been approved by the District Presidents’ Council (DPC) and RSL NSW Board, incorporating invaluable feedback from sub-Branches.

The new SOP7 is effective from 1 September 2023.

The revisions to SOP7 have been thoughtfully undertaken to align with the current regulatory and reporting required by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) and NSW Fair Trading. The alignment ensures sub-Branch Office Bearers are equipped with guidance for conducting charitable operations, as well as providing additional guidance related to sub-Branch accounts, financial management and expense reimbursement operations.

The key changes to SOP7 include:

  • Addition of effective risk controls, including segregation of duties
  • A table outlining the reporting sequence for sub-Branches, including whether items are to be ratified at a sub-Branch meeting
  • Inclusion of the submission of Compliance Annual Report, due annually by 31 May
  • Guidance Note – GN07 – Debit and Credit Cards

The updated SOP7 is available in the sub-Branch portal.

If you have any questions regarding SOP7, please contact your Member Support Team at or 1300 679 775.