Circular 61/23 Important guidelines for electioneering in the 2023 RSL NSW Election of Directors

In preparation for voting to commence for the 2023 RSL NSW Election of Directors on 12 September, it is important that RSL NSW sub-Branches provide comprehensive guidance to members on the principles of appropriate electioneering. 

Within the League, there exists a set of traditions that outline what is deemed acceptable and what is not with respect to electioneering. The information below is essential to preserving the integrity of the RSL NSW electoral processes. 

Acceptable forms of electioneering include: 

  • Candidates asking to attend and address meetings 
  • Candidates writing to sub-Branches to outline their platform and vision for RSL NSW
  • Candidates reaching out to their contacts to explain their motivations for seeking a position on the Board. 

It is important to note that RSL NSW will not facilitate the sharing of contact details for candidates who wish to initiate contact with sub-Branches or their members for these activities. 

Conversely, certain forms of electioneering are deemed unacceptable: 

  • Creating and distributing ‘how-to-vote’ material 
  • Attending meetings uninvited or unannounced
  • Soliciting votes based on promises of action if elected 
  • Coercing votes as a result of support a member or sub-Branch may have received in the past.  

All RSL NSW members, particularly those aspiring to hold office, must conduct themselves in accordance with the definition of a ‘Fit and Proper Person’ as outlined in the RSL NSW Constitution. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Member Support Team on or phone 1300 679 775.