Circular 60/23 School-based ‘Draw to Remember’ pilot campaign – November

ANZAC House is calling on 20 metropolitan and 20 regional sub-Branches to participate in a primary school engagement activity for Remembrance Day.

In accordance with Goal 6 ‘Commemorate and pay respect’ of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan 2021-2026, ANZAC House will pilot a ‘Draw to Remember’ campaign to inform the development of a suite of school-based learning materials in 2024.

Combining commemoration and education, Draw to Remember allows primary-aged school students to learn from local veterans about the significance of Remembrance Day and express their learnings or personal connections to Australia’s military history through chalk art around their schools. This program was developed and piloted by RSL QLD with resounding success in 2022.

RSL NSW members will play an active role throughout the campaign by engaging local primary schools in their community, supplying and presenting learning material to students, and visiting the school for a ‘show and tell’ whereby students will present their chalk murals. ANZAC House will work with participating sub-Branches on the media opportunity that this campaign presents.

Participating sub-Branches will be fully briefed on the campaign and will be equipped with instructions and activity packs to work with two local primary school classes. ANZAC House will provide two Draw to Remember activity packs per participating sub-Branch which include:

  • 25 x student booklets
  • 1 x box coloured chalk (large)
  • 1 x certificate of participation
  • 1 x teacher leaflet
  • 1 x digital pack of all learning resources

The Draw to Remember campaign presents an opportunity for RSL NSW members to grow relationships with local schools and to encourage hands-on, commemorative-based learning about Australia’s military history.

This pilot campaign is possible due to the generous donations from sub-Branches to the implementation of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan.

If your sub-Branch would like to participate in this exciting pilot program, please send your expression of interest to on or before 25 September 2023.