Circular 5/24 Fundraising guidelines for sub-Branches 

During the year, and at key commemorations, sub-Branches may participate in local fundraising activity to generate income to support veterans and their families. To support this fundraising activity, a selection of new tokens will be available for purchase from our supplier, PMA Global, from March.

New fundraising tokens

PMA is offering a charity discount on fundraising tokens to the RSL NSW sub-Branch network, including:

  • Rosemary pins – $1.05 each plus shipping
  • Poppies – $1.05 each plus shipping
  • Pens – $2.15 each plus shipping

A limited number of free tokens, formerly owned by Welfare and Benevolent Institution (WBI), are still available to sub-Branches and can be ordered online through PMA Global. Any sub-Branch that places an order will be required to pay a small packing ($0.25 cents per token) and freight charge, however there is no charge for the tokens. Please note that these tokens will have outdated WBI details on the reverse side of the backing cards. The sub-Branch must cover these details before fundraising in the local community.

To place an order for tokens, please visit the Fundraising page on the RSL NSW website.

If you would like a broader selection than is available from PMA Global, please visit the Military Shop website, although there is no discount agreement in place.


It’s important that any sub-Branch engaging in fundraising activity is familiar with the Charitable Fundraising Guidelines from NSW Fair Trading. In particular, please be aware of the following:

Charitable Fundraising Authority 

If you raise more than $15,000 in a financial year for a charitable purpose in NSW, your sub-Branch must have an authority to fundraise from NSW Fair Trading. Applying for an authority is free and can last up to five years. All ACNC registered organisations are automatically eligible to receive an authority, however, you will still need to complete and submit an application.

Receipting requirements  

Sub-Branches are required to issue a receipt immediately for all monetary donations received, even where not requested by the donor. This does not apply when supplying goods and services (eg. selling badges or other tokens). Visit the NSW Government website to find out more about financial obligations.

Volunteer identification badges/cards  

Specific fundraising requirements apply when conducting a face-to-face appeal. Each sub-Branch fundraising participant is required to clearly display their authorisation in the form of an identification card or badge, which must:

  • be uniquely numbered with the number shown on the card,
  • include the name of the authorised fundraiser and their phone number,
  • include the name of the face-to-face collector,
  • include the words ‘paid collector’ and name of collector’s employer if collector received a wage, commission or fee for services,
  • have printed issue and expiry dates,
  • be signed and dated by authority holder, delegate (including the trader where authorised to do so under written agreement) or governing body, and
  • have details printed in sufficient size to be easily read by members of the public.

The identification card or badge should be returned to the sub-Branch with fundraising authority when the appeal has ended.