Circular 48/22 Remembrance Day and Poppy Appeal

In preparation for Remembrance Day 2022, please find the following information:

State Remembrance Day Service 

The 2022 NSW Remembrance Day Service will take place at the Cenotaph in Martin Place, Sydney. The ceremony will commence at 10.30 am and conclude at 11.30 am on Friday, 11 November 2022. ​​​​

The NSW Government has allocated 30 seats to RSL NSW. All members were contacted on 5 October to express their interest in attending the event and ANZAC House is in the process of contacting successful members to allocate seats accordingly.

The Department of Premier & Cabinet has advised RSL NSW that the event will not be live-streamed. RSL NSW President Ray James is addressing this issue with the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs.

Remember to Remember and Poppy Appeal – National Campaigns 

RSL NSW is working with RSL Australia and all other State Branches to coordinate the national RSL Remember to Remember and Poppy Appeal campaigns. Members can expect to see promotion across social media, outdoor billboards, and traditional media.

A range of assets is available for sub-Branches to promote these campaigns on their social media channels and websites here. Please note most of these assets direct the viewer to the campaign landing page at, which will be live from Monday 24 October 2022. ​​​​​​

Across Australia, Woolworths supermarkets and Officeworks will sell Poppy Appeal tokens to customers again this year. All proceeds will be distributed to the relevant State Branch of purchase.

Local Poppy Appeal Fundraising

A range of free tokens are available to sub-Branches and can be ordered online. Any sub-Branch that places an order will be required to pay a small packing ($0.25 cents per token) and freight charge, however, there is no charge for the tokens.

To create an account and place an order, please follow the instructions here.

Any sub-Branch that is preparing to fundraise is encouraged to commence planning and communicate with local venues and authorities.

If you would like further information regarding any Remembrance Day activities, please contact the Member Support Team at or phone 1300 679 775.