Circular 4/23 For Review: Amended Board Election Standard Operating Procedure (SOP 12)

As a result of the feedback provided by sub-Branches and individual members, the RSL NSW Board Election Procedure Standard Operating Procedure (SOP 12) has been amended and is now ready for review by members.

The SOP 12 Steering Committee, including representatives of the District Presidents’ Council and chaired by the former AEC Deputy Commissioner, has considered and incorporated the feedback into the amended document.

Honorary Secretaries are requested to collate feedback from members on the amendments to SOP 12 and provide same directly to their District Council Secretary by 28 February 2023. The District Presidents’ Council will meet on 16 March 2023 to discuss the feedback and, if feasible, approve the amendments on the same day.

Links to relevant documents:

Link to amended SOP 12 (with mark-ups)
Link to amended SOP 12 (without mark-ups)
Link to approved SOP 12 – 2020

Individual members are invited to provide feedback directly to the District Presidents’ Council via