Circular 5/23 Fee-Free Compensation Advocacy Services

ANZAC House has received advice that correspondence is being circulated to some RSL NSW sub-Branches by an organisation that provides fee-for-service compensation advocacy to veterans.

RSL NSW is committed to supporting the provision of fee-free advocacy services to all veterans and their families.

All advocates authorised by RSL NSW and its sub-Branches to provide advocacy services, underwritten by the professional indemnity insurance provided by the Veterans’ Indemnity and Training Association (VITA), comply with the Advocacy Training and Development Program‘s (ATDP) Military Advocate’s Code of Conduct.

This includes the section of the Code of Conduct that outlines acceptable forms of professional behaviour for military advocates that states “Advocates must…not charge a service fee, or solicit donations, for services they are providing, other than the fee permitted in VITA Protocols for administrative costs relating directly to the handling of a case”.

The volunteer advocate network within the RSL NSW sub-Branches is a quintessential example of what the League stands for and does; supporting veterans and their families.

Where a sub-Branch is not able to offer local claims advice/advocacy services or is managing a high volume of cases, it can refer veterans in need to our partner charity RSL LifeCare Veteran Services which offers fee-free professional advocacy services. These free services are made possible due to the generous donations sub-Branches make to RSL LifeCare Veteran Services via the RSL NSW Veteran Support Fund.

The services delivered by RSL LifeCare include a wraparound wellbeing support assessment and response underwritten by a quality assurance system to ensure the professional services meet service standards. RSL LifeCare Veteran Services advocacy services can be accessed on (02) 8088 0388 or at

Goal 1 of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan outlines initiatives that will support our state-wide network of volunteer advocates by creating a formal community of practice with RSL LifeCare Veteran Services, including a shared Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) to streamline customer service delivery.

ANZAC House thanks all members for their commitment to providing local services to veterans and their families and the sub-Branches that continue to financially support RSL LifeCare Veteran Services. Without the generosity of our valued volunteers, the League would not be able to provide these fee-free services to veterans and their families across NSW.