Circular 41/23 RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program update

The RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program aims to deliver fun sporting and social events that provide connection for members, their families and the wider veteran community.

This year, 188 events have been organised by sub-Branches across the State, with activities ranging from walks, pilates, ocean swims, and group gym sessions. Other social activities planned include music groups, cooking classes, photography walks, playing card games, and art contests.

If your sub-Branch is already registered in the program, don’t forget to report your completed events every month – it only takes a few minutes. The scoreboards are automated and points are counted for sub-Branches instantly.

Latest updates

  • 26 sub-Branches registered in the RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program.
  • 175 events delivered so far towards our annual goal of 1,000 events.
  • We recently received a $25,000 grant from the NSW Government to assist with the delivery of the RSL NSW Sport & Recreation Program. Ask ANZAC House how your sub-Branch can apply for funding once registered for the program.

Register for Information Sessions – 17 and 26 July 2023

  • In July 2023, ANZAC House will host two information sessions covering how to promote your local events and how to maximise social media to connect with the veteran community.
  • Register your sub-Branch in the program to receive an invite to these information sessions.

Frequently asked questions

Watch these short videos that answer common questions about the program:

  1. What are my sub-Branch’s registration options?
  2. How does my sub-Branch get started?
  3. How do I register my sub-Branch?
  4. What resources will be provided to support my sub-Branch?
  5. How does my sub-Branch promote our activities and attract attendees?

If you have any Sport & Recreation Program questions, or to request a presentation at your next District Council Meeting please contact the Program Coordinator Jen Reynolds at