Board Communiqué for 5 March 2024

Board Meeting 5 March 2024

The Board met in person in Sydney. Due respects to the fallen were made by the President. The Chair acknowledged Country.

The Chair thanked the Directors for participating in the Strategy Day, conducted on 4 March, noting the annual review of the Strategic Plan and revisiting the organisation’s Risk Appetite Statement and Risk Register.

President’s Report

The President briefed the Board on recent meetings with the NSW Premier and Ministers, as well as a meeting with the Governor. He addressed matters relating to the Pandemonium concert that was planned in Sydney on ANZAC Day, and noted that after working closely with Government, the concert was moved to an alternative venue. The Government has indicated that in future, any events planned in Sydney on or around ANZAC Day will require input and approval from RSL NSW.

The President attended recent events, including the soft opening for the Veterans’ and Families’ Hub at Queanbeyan and the New England District Council Meeting in Armidale. He also addressed the District Presidents’ Council (DPC) at their meeting on 22 February.

In his four months in office, the President has worked to strengthen RSL NSW’s existing relationships with Government representatives, agencies and commercial groups, including other ESOs, to ensure that RSL NSW is in the best position to face future challenges.

RSL Australia Ltd (National)

The President briefed the Board on the matters discussed at the National Board Meeting on 15 February 2024.

CEO’s Report

The CEO’s report, including the Program Management Office (PMO) reports, were discussed and noted. The CEO advised that:

  • Alternative revenue streams should be sourced to ensure the organisation’s longevity.
  • With three new Veterans’ and Families’ Hubs announced, RSL NSW would need to ensure that ongoing operating costs are available should government funding cease.
  • He attended sub-Branch and District Council meetings and was very interested to hear feedback from members.
  • A new employee joined the ANZAC House team on 26 February and two additional positions are being considered to assist sub-Branches with reporting and other administrative tasks.

CFO Report and Business Performance Report

The Board noted the CFO Report and Business Performance Report.



2024 Congress / AGM dates

Due to the inability of the Newcastle Exhibition Centre to accommodate weekend dates for 2024, the Board resolved to conduct the 2024 RSL NSW Congress from Sunday 27 October to Tuesday 29 October 2024, with the AGM to be conducted on Tuesday 29 October 2024.

Appointment of Independent Director

The Board agreed to complete a skills matrix for the current Directors before engaging in a recruitment strategy to appoint a new Independent Director.

Review of RSL Custodian Pty Ltd

The Board resolved to approve the appointment of Mick Bainbridge and Phillip Chin as Directors of RSL Custodian Pty Ltd.

SOP5 Amendment

The Board approved an amendment to SOP5 allowing a sub-Branch to have up to four Vice Presidents.

Model CLG Constitution Amendments

The Board approved the proposed amendments to the Model CLG Constitution.

DPC Report

The Board approved the suggested priority review of the following SOPs:

  • SOP2
  • SOP8
  • SOP10

The Board also approved the review of the DPC Charter in the following six months.

Audit & Risk Committee

The Board discussed and noted the WHS Report.

WHS Policy

The Board approved the reviewed Workplace Health & Safety Policy.

CEO & Directors’ Expenditure Policy

The Board approved the reviewed CEO & Directors’ Expenditure Policy, subject to a few suggested changes regarding reasonable Director expenses, to ensure that prior approval was received before Directors accepted any invitations. Reminder for all invites to go via the President for allocation.

Delegations Policy and Matrix

The Board approved the revised Delegations Policy and Matrix.

Selections Committee

The Board:

  • Endorsed four Life Memberships for National approval.
  • Endorsed one MSM for National approval.
  • Endorsed one 80-year sub-Branch certificate for national approval.
  • Endorsed one 100-year sub-Branch certificate for national approval.
  • Endorsed three 75-year sub-Branch certificates for national approval.



Membership SOP2

The Board discussed the suggested changes to the Membership SOP2 and agreed further review would be undertaken in consultation with the DPC.

RSL LifeCare Constitution Amendments

The Board considered changes to the Constitution proposed by RSL LifeCare.

Update on Complaints

The Board noted updates on complaints that had been received.

Consideration of Motions for 2024 AGM

The Board noted the timeframe should they wish to propose any motions for the 2024 AGM.

Sale of Hyde Park Inn

The Board noted the update on the sale of Hyde Park Inn.

Update on sub-Branch Issues

The Board were updated on matters relating to some sub-Branches that are non-compliant with the RSL NSW Constitution.

Sub-Branch of the Year Award

The Board discussed this award and asked management to discuss the award with the Chair of the DPC.



Related Entity and Committee Matters

The Board noted the minutes of the following Committee meetings held:

  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Veterans’ Services & Policy Committee

Sub-Branch and Member Matters

The Board noted the matters approved under CEO delegation.

Tribunal Matters

The Board noted that there were currently no matters before the Tribunal.

ANZAC Day Programme

The Board noted the ANZAC Day programme for the Sydney CBD.

Key Board Correspondence

Items of correspondence were discussed, noting actions that had been taken.


The next Board Meeting is 9 May 2024 and will be held online.