Board Communiqué for 28 November 2023

Board Meeting 28 November 2023

The Board met in person in Sydney. Due respects to the fallen were made by the President. The Chair acknowledged Country.

President’s Report

The President briefed the Board on his observations and member feedback from phone calls received and events attended. These included multiple Remembrance Day Events, as well as a fundraising event held by an RSL NSW sub-Branch.

RSL Australia Ltd (National)

The RSL Australia Board Meeting will be held on 30 November 2023.

CEO’s Report

The CEO’s report, including the Program Management Office (PMO) reports were discussed, and noted. The CEO advised that:

  • The recruitment of the new CFO is underway.
  • His intention is to arrange visits to sub-Branches to hear from members as to their priorities and vision for the future of RSL NSW.
  • The priorities identified in the CEO handover process are on schedule to be completed as previously indicated.
  • Priorities for the new President to be agreed for the next three months, with a particular focus on advocacy and veterans’ policy issues.

CFO Report and Business Performance Report

The Board noted the CFO Report and Business Performance Report.



VSF Targets per Initiative

The Board approved the Veteran Support Fund (VSF) targets, which were nominated by sub-Branches and approved by the District Presidents’ Council (DPC) for inclusion in the VSF. The targets reflect the priority services and initiatives delivered by veterans’ charities.

RSL LifeCare AGM

The Board considered questions to be raised at the RSL LifeCare AGM, and decided on the votes to be taken regarding the motions that would be presented.

Establishment of the NSW Fire Brigades RSL sub-Branch

The Board approved the issuance of a Charter to the NSW Fire Brigades RSL sub-Branch.

Director Governance Training

The Board approved AICD training for the three new directors, to be completed in early 2024.

Policy Register

The Board approved the assignment of policies to the respective committees for review, as well as the priority of those reviews.

Audit & Risk Committee

The Board discussed and noted the Risk and WHS Reports.

Selections Committee

The Board:

  • Endorsed seven Life Memberships for National approval.
  • Approved two Life Memberships to the Auxiliary.
  • Endorsed one MSM for National approval.
  • Approved the amendment to clause 3.1 (c) of the Selections Committee Charter to increase the number of Independent Members from three to four.
  • Approved the appointment of Ray James as an Independent Member of the Selections Committee.



Congress Feedback

The Board considered the delegate and DPC feedback received following Congress. The Board noted that, as things stand, RSL NSW is unable to secure the venue in Newcastle for a weekend in 2024, so the 2024 Congress/AGM will run over Sunday and Monday. Management was asked to shortlist venues for 2025, in conjunction with the list of venue selection criteria, for consultation with members.

Poppy Ball Update

The Board noted an update regarding the Poppy Ball.

District Rationalisation

The Board noted the update on District Rationalisation and the resignation of the Chair of the Working Group, Peter Watson. The Board agreed to review this project at the Strategy Day meeting in March 2024.



Related Entity and Committee Matters

The Board noted the minutes of the following Committee meetings held:

Audit & Risk Committee

  • ANZAC House Trust
  • AFOF
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Veterans’ Services & Policy Committee
  • Young Veterans’ Committee
  • Selections Committee
  • Nominations, Remuneration & Performance Committee

Sub-Branch and Member Matters

The Board noted the matters approved under CEO delegation.

Tribunal Matters

The Board noted the matters before the Tribunal.

Expenses and Official RSL Representation

The Board noted procedure around Director expenses and RSL representation.

Key Board Correspondence

Items of correspondence were discussed, noting actions that had been taken.


The next Board Meeting and Strategy Day is 4 & 5 March 2024.