Circular 86/23 Reminder: 2024 sub-Branch budgets are due  

The deadline for receipt of your 2024 sub-Branch Annual Budget to ANZAC House is 31 December 2023.

The 2024 Annual Budget Form is to be completed in the sub-Branch Portal. For detailed instructions on how to complete the sub-Branch Annual Budget online, please refer to Section 9 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide.

To complete the sub-Branch 2024 Annual Budget: 

  • Log into the sub-Branch Portal 
  • Click the Annual Budget tab on the top menu
  • Select the year 2024
  • You will have the option to complete the sub-Branch 2024 Budget with either monthly or yearly figures
  • Ensure that all amounts are entered in WHOLE DOLLARS ONLY

Please note that the Veteran Support Fund initiatives approved by the District Presidents’ Council for 2024 have been updated on the RSL NSW website. Please consult members attached to your sub-Branch about supporting the initiatives with your surplus funds after allocating operational and other expenditures for 2024. Where possible, completing the monthly budget, rather than the yearly budget, will assist RSL NSW to forecast donations to the VSF.

If you require any assistance with completing the Annual Budget or require an extension on the deadline, please contact your Member Support Team on 1300 679 775 or

If you have already submitted your sub-Branch Budget to ANZAC House via the sub-Branch Portal, or requested an extension and had it approved, please disregard this Circular.