Circular – 8 October 2019

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Security and Traffic Management for ANZAC Day 2020

Dear sub-Branch Honorary Secretary,

Ray James, RSL NSW Acting President, and Geoff Lee MP, the Acting NSW Minister for Veterans, have written a letter to all Honorary Secretaries regarding security and traffic management planning for ANZAC Day 2020. The timing reflects the increasing importance of early preparation for major events.

You can read the letter by clicking here.


Jeff O’Brien
State Secretary

The letter is also reproduced here for convenience:

Dear sub-Branch Honorary Secretary,

We write to advise that ANZAC Day is an important commemorative event for communities across Australia. Planning for each local event within your local Councils and Local Area Police Command should start as soon as possible, to ensure safe and successful delivery for ANZAC Day 2020.

A changing security environment has affected how we plan and operate our events. We encourage you to be proactive and contact your Council early, and take on board feedback provided by your Council and Police, as well as suggestions for possible alternative arrangements for ANZAC Day marches or commemorations to ensure safety is paramount.

Councils support commemorative events and do try and keep event costs and fees to a minimum, including ANZAC Day events. Costs are often heavily subsidised or covered by local councils.

It is a requirement that each local ANZAC Day march has a traffic management plan produced. Once a plan has been invested in, it can be referenced again in the future. RSL NSW State office can provide funding support for the plan if required. Please contact ANZAC House via email for further details.

Thank you for continuing to support our veterans and commemorating such an important day.

Yours sincerely,


Geoff Lee MP

Acting NSW Minister for Veterans Acting


Ray James

Acting State President, RSL NSW