Circular 39/21 Nominations for TAFE NSW sub-Branch training now open

Fee-free training will be delivered to a representative from every RSL NSW sub-Branch to ensure that our member volunteers have the skills that they need to use the IT systems that ANZAC House has implemented. The training falls under Initiative 5.12 of Goal 5 of the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.

RSL NSW has secured funding from Training Services NSW for Statement of Attainment in Vocational Pathways (Use Digital Technology and participate in a Learning Environment) to be delivered by TAFE NSW at 30 campuses across the state in Term 1. The training will be delivered in one full day and participants will receive a certificate of completion.

A Course Coordinator will be appointed by RSL NSW to liaise with the Executive at each sub-Branch to identify the representative who will attend the training. This representative must be a veteran and should be the person who actively maintains and uses or would like to gain the skills to maintain and use the sub-Branch Portal, Microsoft Office 365 programs such as Outlook for email and calendars, and Microsoft Teams.

RSL NSW has worked with TAFE NSW to identify a central location within each District to minimise travel distances. Please find link to this document which outlines those locations. All travel costs associated with attending the course can be reimbursed by the RSL NSW Support and Assistance Fund.

A minimum of nine participants per location must enrol for the course to proceed. In some cases, there may be room for more than one representative from each sub-Branch to attend the course. Delivery dates cannot be finalised for each date until RSL NSW confirms the minimum number of participants on or before 15 November.

What is the next step for sub-Branches?

Please respond to this email with the following details for the representative who will attend the training:

  • Name
  • Contact number and email address
  • Service Member number
  • Preferred study location

The Course Coordinator will contact any sub-Branch which does not pro-actively nominate a representative to attend.

How can a representative commit if the dates have not been finalised?

I appreciate that it is difficult to commit to attend the course before dates for each location have been finalised. I encourage every sub-Branch to consider an alternative representative to attend if the course dates cause a conflict.

Can sub-Branches nominate more than one representative?

Yes. However, priority will be given to a representative from each sub-Branch. The Course Coordinator will advise accordingly.

How do participants enrol?

Representatives will be notified by TAFE NSW when the course dates have been confirmed and ready for enrolment. TAFE NSW will accept enrolments for the course at your local TAFE NSW campus or online. The TAFE NSW Student Services Team will be available to assist.

Does the representative require their own computer?

No. TAFE NSW can provide access to desk-top computers at each campus.

Alternatively, sub-Branch representatives are encouraged to take the sub-Branch laptop or personal device that is used to access the RSL NSW sub-Branch Portal and Office 365 suite.

How do we claim travel costs from the RSL NSW Support and Assistance Fund?

Applications for financial support from the Fund should be emailed to for consideration.

If you have any questions, please contact the ANZAC House support team on 1300 679 775 or