Circular 35/22 Update to Donation Event – MoU Signing

Dear Honorary Secretary

Further to the invite sent to all RSL NSW sub-Branches and Circular 33/22 regarding the significant RSL LifeCare Veteran Services donation event, ANZAC House advises that this event has evolved and will now include the signing of an MOU between RSL NSW, the RSL & Services Clubs Association, and ClubsNSW in line with initiative 4.4 of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan.

This important event will take place at the Anzac Memorial Hyde Park on 29 August at 1000 hrs. It is an opportunity to thank sub-Branches and showcase how they, together with local clubs, are working together to boost the services and support provided to veterans and their families.

The MOU’s strategic objectives call for the organisations to commit to a variety of actions, including:

  • Encourage clubs to maintain an affiliation with RSL NSW where there is a historical link
  • Advocate for joint membership of current serving and ex-service personnel of both sub-Branches and clubs
  • Generate mutual support across membership and community engagement
  • Improve governance within each organisation where there is an affiliation between a sub-Branch and a club
  • Actively engage younger generations of veterans and their families and the wider community through involvement in social, physical, and employment initiatives
  • Jointly manage media, governmental, and public policy issues between clubs and sub-Branches that have the potential to impact the RSL and associated brands
  • Promote the unique roles of sub-Branches and clubs.

The event also provides the platform for a public relations opportunity to promote what the RSL is and what it does, to the veteran and wider community.

Sub-Branch representatives are reminded to RSVP to ANZAC House if they plan to attend in person. Alternatively, any member who wishes to attend the event virtually can do so by following this Teams Event link which has been sent to all sub-Branches via Outlook.