Circular 35/23 2022 Sub-Branch Annual Return – Submission reminder

Thank you to the sub-Branches that have submitted the 2022 sub-Branch Annual (SBA) Return form.

The SBA form for every RSL NSW sub-Branch must be lodged online with ANZAC House by 31 May, as per the RSL NSW Constitution. If your sub-Branch has not commenced or completed the 2022 SBA form, please do so as soon as possible or contact your Member Support Team if you need an extension.

The 2022 SBA form must be completed electronically via the sub-Branch Portal, with no requirement for it to be emailed or posted to ANZAC House.

To date, 174 SBA forms have been submitted. There are some forms that are in ‘Draft’ status which indicate that some fields have not been completed or that it has not been successfully submitted by the sub-Branch.

When you are satisfied that all the financial and administrative data has been entered into the SBA form, select the date and then click on the ‘submit’ button on the final page to ensure the form is successfully submitted.

Some sub-Branches have contacted ANZAC House regarding how to progress past page 13 of the SBA form.

To progress to the next stage of the form, the value of the ‘Net Assets’ field should equal the value of the ‘Total Equity & Retained Earnings’ field which is the sum of the ‘Revaluation Reserve (Unrealised Gains / Losses)’ + ‘Retained Surplus / (Accumulated Losses)’, this is also explained in the instructional video which can be viewed by clicking here.

Once submitted, a PDF copy of the SBA form can be generated and printed for your sub-Branch records.

If you require assistance logging into the sub-Branch Portal to complete the SBA form and the various fields, or generating a copy of the form, please contact your Member Support Team via email on or phone 1300 679 775.