Circular 33/22 RSL LifeCare update and donation guidance

Our partner charity RSL LifeCare has been operating RSL DefenceCare as part of its veteran services portfolio since 2020 and has continued to deliver life-changing services to veterans thanks to the generous support of RSL NSW sub-Branches.

To make it easier for veterans and their families to know where to turn for support and guidance RSL LifeCare, has combined RSL DefenceCare and their range of other services for veterans and their families under the one banner – RSL LifeCare Veteran Services.

RSL NSW and RSL LifeCare continue to partner on the delivery of services to veterans and their families. RSL LifeCare Veteran Services is a key part of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan, and the two charities are working closely to deliver more Veteran Wellbeing Centres in regions across the State.

Services delivered during FY21-22

The support provided to veterans and their families by RSL NSW and RSL LifeCare Veteran Services has remained unwavering over the course of a tumultuous 12 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, floods, and the Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide.

Between July 2021 and June 2022, RSL LifeCare Veteran Services was able to:

  • Provide $825,872 in financial assistance including $485,000 in disaster assistance.
  • Assist 177 veterans experiencing homelessness.
  • Help 944 veterans to lodge 3106 DVA claims.
  • Facilitated 57 veterans or partners receiving employment assistance.
  • Make 231 virtual or socially distanced visits to veterans and family members at homes, hospitals or nursing homes.
  • Lodge 188 new VRB appeals, complete 276 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mediation discussions and represent 39 full VRB Board Hearings.
  • Guided 60 veterans through horse handling and riding courses.

At any time you can view the details of sub-Branch donations made to RSL LifeCare Veteran Services and any other component of the Veteran Support Fund on the RSL NSW website here.

RSL NSW Cheque Presentation to RSL LifeCare – 29 August

All sub-Branches were recently sent an invitation to attend the presentation of the combined total of sub-Branch donations to RSL LifeCare Veteran Services for the past financial year which will take place at 10am on Monday 29 August at the Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park Sydney with a virtual (online) option for those unable to be there in person.

Please ensure you RSVP by Friday 12 August to (or phone 1300 679 775) and advise if you will be attending in person or virtually, and any dietary requirements if attending in person.

How to donate

Sub-Branches are encouraged to donate to RSL LifeCare Veteran Services via RSL NSW (rather than directly to RSL LifeCare) so that the donation can be noted in reporting and properly recognised as being part of the combined efforts of RSL NSW sub-Branches across the state.

  1. Transfer via EFT to:
    Account name: RSL NSW
    BSB: 062-016
    Account number: 000 00 741
  2. Include the deposit reference:
    Sub-Branch name – Veteran Services
    (e.g. Queanbeyan – Veteran Services)
  3. The ANZAC House Finance Team will confirm receipt of the deposit.

If you are unsure about any aspect of donating to RSL LifeCare Veteran Services, please contact the RSL NSW Support Team on or 1300 679 775.