Circular 31/22 Call for expressions of interest to help guide the implementation of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan

ANZAC House, together with the RSL NSW President and Board are working with District Councils and sub-Branches across the State as one RSL to realise the vision of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan: by 2026 every veteran in NSW knows what the RSL stands for, what it does, and wants to be involved as a member.

The Program Management Office is tasked with delivering the 54 priority initiatives identified in the Strategic Plan through five defined projects and we are emailing all members today seeking expressions of interest from those who would like to be involved.

Each project is in the process of forming Reference Groups which play a critical role overseeing project implementation including providing advice on the needs of members and end-users, reviewing project planning and approach, and identifying and recommending opportunities for simplification and improvement. See the Program Management Manual for a full outline of the role of Reference Groups.

And given the wide-ranging nature of our strategic plan initiatives – whatever your interest, experience or skills – there is likely to be something that your sub-Branch members can contribute.

ANZAC House is calling for volunteers to join the:

  • Investment and Fundraising Reference Group – focussing on initiatives E1 (Aggregated Investment Model and Veterans Support Fund) and E4 (fundraising and alternate funding streams) under the Business Model Project
  • Accounting and Reporting Reference Group – focussing on initiatives E2 (KPI reporting framework), E6 (administrative cost baseline) and E7 (sub-Branch accounting system) under the Business Model Project
  • Engagement Reference Group – focussing on all initiatives within the Engagement Project including the Communications and Marketing Plan, presence at ADF events, brand guidelines and communications collateral
  • Membership Reference Group – focussing on initiatives within the Membership Project including the member recruitment strategy and establishing baseline membership data
  • CRM and Member Portal Reference Group – focussing on initiative D2 (Customer Relationship Management system) under the Membership project including member portal and enhancement
  • Services and Support Reference Group – focussing on initiatives A1 (services data baseline), A2 (veteran survey), A3 (advocacy baseline) and A4 (Catalogue of Services) under the Services Project
  • Wellbeing Support Officer (WSO) and Claims Advocacy Reference Group – focussing on initiatives A6 (WSO volunteer category) and A7 (Integrate ATDP claims advocate network with RSL LifeCare) under the Services Project
  • Strategic Advocacy Reference Group – focussing on all initiatives within the Strategic Advocacy Project including research on veterans’ advocacy needs and gaps, establishing a management process for public policy advocacy, formalising MoUs with Clubs NSW and related entities, and developing an advocacy plan

It’s vitally important that the voice of members helps to shape the strategic plan implementation at this critical time for the RSL. Members who are interested in joining a Reference Group or would like further information should email and identify which Reference Group/s they are interested in by Friday 12 August.

The Strategic Plan and all associated information is available on the RSL NSW website.