Circular 27/22 RSL NSW Liaison Officer role at the National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare

ANZAC House is in the process of transitioning the volunteer role of the RSL NSW Liaison Officer role at the National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare (NCVH), Concord, to a paid position. On recommendation by the Northern Metropolitan District Council, the role has been piloted since January 2021. Since then, 76 veterans and their families have been referred to RSL NSW for support and assistance including DVA claim advocacy, financial support, and connection to local veteran communities.

The NCVH provides planned and scheduled care across a range of specialist services for veterans including psychology, drug and alcohol problems, pain management and control, and generalised lifestyle, fitness, and nutritional programs. Patients, and their families, can be accommodated at the onsite Fussell House during their treatment.

The RSL NSW Liaison Officer is responsible for:

  • Supporting RSL NSW, RSL NSW sub-Branch’s and RSL LifeCare Veteran Services to identify and connect veterans in need of services to NCVH
  • Supporting and assisting NCVH staff and veteran clients navigate access to non-clinical support
  • Assisting the NCVH in maintaining contact with RSL NSW sub-Branches when client support or other communication is required; and
  • Acting as a liaison, on behalf of RSL NSW, when approaching key stakeholders as part of NCVH activities.

The funding for the role has been identified as part of the Veteran Support Fund (VSF), which two sub-Branches have already contributed to the NCVH role this year, and the target – follow this link to view the Veteran Support Fund dashboard. While the SOP to support the VSF has not been finalised between the District Presidents’ Council and the RSL NSW Board, the immediate funding of this role is critical to ensure the ongoing delivery of RSL services and support at this facility.

If your sub-Branch can contribute to the RSL NSW Liaison Officer role at the NCVH, please see instructions on how to contribute below.

Transfer via EFT to:

Account name: RSL NSW
BSB: 062-016
Account number: 000 00 741

Include the deposit reference: RSL sub-Branch name – NCVH VSF

Please send a remittance to, including that the donation is for the NCVH and the ANZAC House Finance team will confirm receipt of the deposit. Please refer to SOP 1 for more information about charitable activities, donations, and charitable purpose contribution.

All contributing sub-Branches will be invited to attend an event at the NCVH and will be acknowledged in RSL NSW communications to members.

If you have any questions regarding the RSL NSW Liaison Officer role at the NCVH, please contact RSL NSW CEO Jon Black at

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