Circular 27/21 ANZAC House relocation

Please be advised that ANZAC House is moving from its premises at Level 5, 341 George Street, Sydney.  

The lease of this large office space has expired and is no longer required to meet operational requirements. A fit-for-purpose, temporary premises has been identified following an extensive search. As per Goal 5 of the Strategic Plan an affordable, permanent location for ANZAC House will be secured by 2024. 

From 23 August 2021 ANZAC House will be located at:  

Suite 11.02, Level 11, 175 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000 

RSL NSW members can access ANZAC House between 8.30am and 5.30pm by taking the lift to Level 11. A concierge is available in the foyer of the building that can assist with any access issues. 

All reoccurring meetings will be hosted at the new premises as scheduled. 

I would be grateful if you would update your records accordingly and be sure to direct posted mail and deliveries to the new address. Please note that all telephone numbers and email contact details will remain the same.