Circular 23/24 Veteran Support Fund Quarterly Update now available

In accordance with section 5.1 of SOP1, it is a requirement that ANZAC House reports quarterly on donations made to the Veteran Support Fund (VSF) to keep members informed. The most recent quarterly update can now be viewed on the sub-Branch Portal under Veteran Support Fund > VSF Quarterly Updates, or on the SOP1 page.

Sub-Branches are encouraged to note the following dates when planning charitable donations via the VSF:

10 April: Donations Oversight Committee (DOC) meeting 

Following the inaugural meeting of the DOC, recommendations were made regarding over-subscribed VSF initiatives for 2024. Affected sub-Branches will be approached by ANZAC House to discuss the redirection of donations. As determined by the DOC, no further donations will be accepted for over-subscribed initiatives.

10 May: Nominations for 2025 initiatives due 

The District Presidents’ Council (DPC) has granted an extension for 2025 VSF nominations.

If your sub-Branch wishes to nominate an initiative for inclusion in the VSF for 2025, please complete the Funding Proposal Application Form and submit it to your District President on or before 10 May. All nominations will be reviewed at the DPC meeting on 23 May and confirmed initiatives will be announced on 1 August.

Any nominations submitted after 10 May will be considered for inclusion in the VSF for 2026.

30 June: Cut-off for donations to 2024 initiatives  

Donations to 2024 VSF initiatives will close at the end of the 23/24 financial year; 30 June. If your sub-Branch intends to contribute to a current VSF initiative, please plan to do so before 30 June. Sub-Branches are encouraged to view the VSF Dashboard before making their donation to ensure the initiative they are contributing to is not already over-subscribed.

ANZAC House is currently contacting all approved charities for 2024 to negotiate and finalise sponsorship agreements. Donations will be released from the VSF to the recipients of initiatives, after the sub-Branch contribution window has closed on 30 June.

Donations for the 2025 initiatives will open when they are announced on 1 August 2024.