Circular 17/21 Accessing your RSL NSW email

The RSL NSW email network provides a secure point of contact for sub-Branch correspondence and ensures that communications can be managed in the event that Registered Users change or can no longer administer the correspondence for a sub-Branch.

The RSL NSW sub-Branch Email Terms of Use prohibits the distribution of RSL NSW data outside of the RSL NSW IT network without appropriate security. Consequently, the auto-forward function from RSL NSW email accounts to external email accounts will no longer be available.

The Terms of Use, which became effective in February 2019, apply to all sub-Branch Executives, committee members, trustees, and members who have access to the email account (Registered Users). The Registered Users are responsible for all information, communications and material sent from an RSL NSW account.

All sub-Branch correspondence from ANZAC House will continue to be distributed to the RSL NSW sub-Branch email network. The same email addresses are published on the RSL NSW website and are the point of contact for potential members and the wider community, so it is essential that these inboxes are monitored and used.

Cyber security

Those who work in the public sector or private enterprise will find similar policies in place for emails within those organisations and it is for the same reason that the Terms of Use are being enforced by ANZAC House. Malicious actors are increasingly using the internet to exploit vulnerabilities they discover in IT systems of for-profit and not-for-profit entities. Creating email forwarding rules is a common tactic used by them because email forwarding rules are generally immune to typical security breach responses like resetting user passwords.

Recently, hackers successfully shut down one of North America’s largest oil pipelines and subsequently secured a multi-million-dollar ransom from the owners. As a result, much of the east coast population of the USA went without petrol or paid upwards of double the price to fill (or partially fill) their tanks.

Some sub-Branches have told us that they do not use the supplied email address because it is too long and is causing complication. If this is the case, ANZAC House can arrange for the address to be shortened. For example, has been shortened to

Access email anywhere

Did you know you can log in to your RSL NSW email account wherever you have an internet or WiFi connection? Simply go to and enter your username and password. Alternatively, click here for instructions on how to add an email account to Outlook on your PC, Mac or mobile device.

If you require assistance with accessing, administering, or shortening your RSL NSW email address, please contact