Circular 16/24 Reminder: ‘Postcards of Honour’ MEAO campaign

Further to Circular 12/24, sub-Branches are reminded that the registration period for the school-based ‘Postcards of Honour’ pilot campaign will close on Monday 18 March 2024.

The ‘Postcards of Honour’ campaign will align with the inaugural Middle East Area of Operations commemoration on 11 July and is a valuable way for sub-Branches to introduce this commemoration to the local community – creating a meaningful connection between local veterans and school students and fostering an understanding of Australia’s modern military history through drawings and written letters.

Campaign highlights:

  • Participating sub-Branches will be fully briefed on the campaign via an information session on Wednesday 20 March at 12pm, and will be equipped with instructions and activity packs to work with up to two local primary schools and one high school.
  • ANZAC House will provide comprehensive resources, including student booklets, postcards, certificates of participation, teacher leaflets, and information on the MEAO commemoration for sub-Branches.
  • RSL NSW members will actively engage with local primary and high schools, supply learning materials, and participate in ‘show and tell’ sessions.
  • ANZAC House will work with all participating sub-Branches on media opportunities to showcase the part that the RSL plays in school-based learning about why we commemorate.

‘Postcards of Honour’ offers a unique opportunity to strengthen existing relationships with local schools while promoting hands-on, commemorative-based learning. If your sub-Branch would like to participate, please complete the short form here, on or before 18 March 2024.