Circular 16/23 Auxiliary member details are now in the sub-Branch Portal

The RSL NSW Constitution was changed in 2019 to incorporate Auxiliary volunteers as a class of membership, attached to sub-Branches. Auxiliary members have historically supported those who have served in defence of Australia or its interests. Originally formed by mothers, wives, widows, sisters, and daughters of veterans, today, RSL NSW Auxiliary members comprise of men and women across the State who work tirelessly to raise funds to support the charitable purpose of RSL NSW.

Until now, the contact information for Auxiliary members has not been recorded in the sub-Branch Portal. As part of Goal 3 of the RSL NSW Strategic Plan 2021 – 2026, basic contact information for Auxiliary members is now recorded in the RSL NSW sub-Branch Portal and Honorary Secretaries can update and maintain this information, just like Service and Affiliate membership information.

What does this change mean? 

  • Auxiliary members are now attached to RSL NSW sub-Branches, like Service and Affiliate members in the sub-Branch Portal.
  • Auxiliary members will now receive the Reveille and monthly e-newsletter to keep them informed of news and activities, and to connect them to the support and services offered by RSL NSW.

What action do we need to take? 

  • Honorary Secretaries should liaise with their local Auxiliary Coordinator and members to review and maintain their contact information in the sub-Branch Portal
  • Auxiliary members should advise the Honorary Secretary if they do not wish to receive a printed copy of the Reveille, particularly if another member of their household receives a copy

How will a new Auxiliary member be added to the sub-Branch Portal? 

Like all other membership categories, new Auxiliary members will be added to the sub-Branch Portal by ANZAC House.

ANZAC House will contact the respective Auxiliary Coordinator and sub-Branch Secretary to confirm that a new member has been appointed.

The application form to become an Auxiliary member can be found on the RSL NSW website here.

Can a Service or Affiliate Member also be an Auxiliary Member? 

Before 2019 there were two separate membership systems, (one for Service and Affiliate and the other for Auxiliary) with only Service and Affiliate memberships recorded in the RSL NSW database.

Now, each member of RSL NSW can only hold one class of membership. If a Service or Affiliate member wishes to assist the Auxiliary or participate in Auxiliary-led activities, they are welcome to do so.

Can Auxiliary members attend sub-Branch meetings? 

Sub-Branches are encouraged to include Auxiliary members in all activities, including meetings, but they do not have voting rights.

Where can I find more information about Auxiliary membership? 

SOP 8 applies to all RSL Auxiliaries and the RSL sub-Branches to which they are attached.