Circular 15/21 Community War Memorials Fund

The NSW Government’s Community War Memorials Fund exists to help conserve, repair, and protect war memorials through grants of up to $10,000 (excluding GST).

Since the establishment of the program in 2008, grants have been allocated to a wide range of projects including conservation assessments, honour roll repair, war memorial cleaning and conservation work, arborist advice for war memorial trees, security measures for memorials, repairs to war memorial halls, and improvements to the accessibility of memorials.

Some examples of work that sub-Branches have been able to undertake from recent grants include:

  • A condition assessment of the artillery gun undertaken, including a report detailing the condition and significance of the gun, and recommendations for conservation work
  • Conservation work to the memorial including the application of biocide to all concrete and trachyte components, regilding of inscriptions, and repointing
  • The removal and replacement of dead and dying memorial trees on the memorial site
  • Installation of awnings over the memorial hall’s front windows
  • Conservation work including cleaning, repairing the wreath, repointing paving, and replacing unsympathetic metal plaques on a memorial.

There are two rounds of application submissions each year. The first round for 2021 is now open for applications and will close on 26 July. It is recommended that you study the program guidelines before submitting an application for a grant to support a project in your community.

The relevant information and guidance documents can be found on the Community War Memorials Fund page which you can view by clicking here.

If you have enquiries, please contact the NSW Office for Veterans Affairs at