Circular 4/24 Sub-Branch Annual Return (SBA) and Compliance Annual Report (CAR)

The RSL NSW Constitution requires sub-Branch Annual Returns (SBAs) and Compliance Annual Reports (CARs) to be completed by sub-Branch Executives and submitted to ANZAC House by 31 May each year. Please note: Completion of the CAR is mandatory, in accordance with the RSL NSW Constitution and SOP7.

Both forms are now available in the sub-Branch Portal, and must be completed online. ANZAC House will not accept printed or scanned documents.


Sub-Branch Annual Return (SBA) 

To access the online SBA form, log into the sub-Branch Portal and select ‘Annual Returns’ in the top navigation bar, click on the date ‘2023’, then follow the instructions. The SBA form automatically calculates totals, populates notes, and pre-fills sub-Branch information that is recorded in the sub-Branch Portal. It also has the capability to add fields to insert information outside of the parameters of the form.

Instructions for how to complete the SBA can be found on pages 19-25 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide. An instructional video is also accessible in the sub-Branch Portal.


Compliance Annual Report (CAR) 

To access the CAR, log into the sub-Branch Portal and select ‘Compliance Report’ in the top navigation bar, then follow the instructions to complete the report. Sub-Branch Executives are encouraged to collaborate on the completion of the CAR, to ensure the accuracy of responses.

Instructions for how to complete the CAR can be found on pages 26-27 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide (available on the sub-Branch Portal).


Access to sub-Branch Portal 

A reminder that the password for your access to the RSL NSW sub-Branch Portal has been reset. If you haven’t already obtained the new password for your sub-Branch from your Member Support Team, please call 1300 679 775. We acknowledge this action may have caused a delay for sub-Branches using the Portal.

Your Member Support Team is available during business hours to provide technical assistance to complete the SBA and CAR. Please call 1300 679 775 or email if you have any questions regarding the online SBA or CAR process.