Circular 12/23 Process for administrating Office Bearer changes

As an election year, 2023 marks the end of the term of office for all sub-Branch and District Council Office Bearers. To support the sub-Branch and District Council election cycle, the following is a guide of actions that must be taken by the Honorary Secretary if there is a change to Office Bearer positions:

Sub-Branch changes 

Updates are to be made in the sub-Branch Portal, ensuring the outgoing Office Bearer is transferred to the ‘Previous Office Bearer’ list and the new Office Bearer is added to the ‘Current Office Bearer’ list. Refer to page 15 of the sub-Branch Portal User Guide for assistance. These updates will appear to ANZAC House as ‘pending’. Once the process has been completed within the Portal, please email a copy of the minutes from the sub-Branch meeting which captured the new appointment to On receipt of the supporting documentation, the appointment can be confirmed, and the Office Bearer name will appear in your Portal.

Please note, changes will not appear in the Portal until the Member Support Team has received and reviewed the documentation.

District Council changes  

Email the details of the newly elected Office Bearers within District Councils to ANZAC House at to allow the database to be updated as soon as possible. Please include the member’s name, email address, their primary sub-Branch, the role they have been elected to, and the date they were elected.

Please note: All sub-Branch updates must still be made in the Portal as noted above. ANZAC House will only update information relating to District Council Office Bearer changes if advice is received via email.

Updates to be made externally 

Log in to the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Charity Portal and remove/add the Office Bearers as the Responsible People for the sub-Branch.

New Trustees 

If any new Trustees are elected, please contact ANZAC House at or on 1300 679 775 and the Member Support Team can assist with updating the sub-Branch Trust Deeds. Trustees are not subject to the same term limits as sub-Branch Executive Office Bearers, but when new Trustees are elected, further steps are required in addition to updating the sub-Branch Portal.

Additional resources 

Please ensure that new Office Bearers are privy to the newly developed Written Directions Framework (WDF) which is housed in the sub-Branch Portal. The guidance documents were developed in line with initiative 5.15 of the Strategic Plan and will be a useful tool in setting new Office Bearers up for success.

The WDF includes:

  • Outlines of the roles and responsibilities of sub-Branch Office Bearers
  • Handover Guides for inducting new sub-Branch Office Bearers
  • Guidance Notes, providing guidance and information to assist in operations
  • A Risk Register Template, to assist in the assessment and reporting of risks.

A video walkthrough of the WDF is available here.

If the sub-Branch requires any support with the election process or accessing the sub-Branch Portal, please contact ANZAC House at or on 1300 679 775.