Circular 11/21 Petition regarding RSL Australia President

ANZAC House has received a copy of a petition that is circulating sub-Branches which calls for the resignation of RSL Australia President, Greg Melick.

RSL NSW President Ray James publicly announced that he did not share the views expressed by Mr Melick in a private email. The statement is published on the RSL NSW website here and generated significant media coverage.

Please be aware that Mr Melick’s apology and retraction of his comments has been graciously accepted by Julie-Ann Finney, and they continue to be in dialogue. Throughout his legal career Mr Melick has represented over 40 veterans with significant post-conflict injuries in Supreme Court matters, often on a pro-bono basis.

As the Federal Government moves to establish a Royal Commission into veteran suicide, we should not let this matter distract us from a key task in ensuring that the RSL works effectively with the Government to achieve appropriate Terms of Reference and support the commission, which is Mr Melick’s key focus for the RSL at a national level.

If any RSL NSW member or sub-Branch wishes to discuss any related matter with Mr Melick, please contact me and I will direct you to his office.