Board Communiqué for 2 November 2023

Board Meeting 2 November 2023

The Board met online via Teams. Due respects to the fallen were made by the President. The Chair acknowledged Country.

Election of Chair

An election was conducted for the positions of Chair and Deputy Chair. The Board elected Sophie Ray as Chair and David McCann as Deputy Chair.

RSL Australia Ltd (National)

The RSL NSW appointed director on the Board of RSL Australia, Mr Neil James, provided an update to the Board on matters relevant to RSL Australia.



RSL National Director Appointment

The Board agreed that the President, Mick Bainbridge, would be appointed as RSL National Director and the CEO, Giles Hurst, as alternate Director with effect from 1 January 2024.

Committee Allocations

The Committee Allocations for the remainder of 2023 and 2024 were discussed and agreed on. The committees can be found on this page of the RSL NSW website.

2024 Meeting Dates

The meeting dates for 2024 were being considered for final approval.

RSL LifeCare Representative

The Board agreed to appoint Louise Sullivan as the Corporate Representative to RSL LifeCare effective immediately.

Alternate Director on AVCAT

The Board elected the President, Mick Bainbridge, as the alternate director on AVCAT.

Removal of Enforceable Undertaking from ACNC register

The Board agreed to support the removal of the Enforceable Undertaking from the ACNC register.

Delegation Matrix

The Delegation matrix was noted with no changes recommended from the Board.

Director Governance Training

The Directors tasked management to present a detailed cost analysis for decision at the meeting on 28 November 2023.



The Board noted the procedures around financial management.

The next Board meeting is 28 November 2023.