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Whether you have retired from service in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Armed Forces, or are still serving, joining RSL NSW means so much more than being invited to events. It’s not just what you get as a valued member, it’s also about what you can do for other veterans too.

The ADF and Armed Forces are a family of committed people who thrive on camaraderie and friendship. After transitioning from service, that bond is continued via your local RSL NSW sub-branch. Staying connected to people who understand what you have been through is the most valuable support an ADF member can have.

RSL NSW is not just for ADF or Armed Forces members. Partners, spouses and families can join some sub-Branches as Affiliate or Auxiliary Members so they can feel a part of their loved one’s post-service life and can support other members who are on the road to recovery from mental or physical health issues, need help with Department of Veteran Affairs claims, employment support, or just need a good mate to lean on.

One of the biggest benefits of joining RSL NSW is being connected to other members of the Defence family and your local community. On top of that, RSL NSW can help you transition from service-to-civilian life, employment and introduce members to the many services that our partner charities, RSL LifeCare, provide that will help you lead a productive and connected life.

What you’ll receive:

  • A membership badge that is recognised by veterans across Australia
  • A free, quarterly membership magazine
  • Services and support for you and your family
  • Connection to camaraderie and mateship

Stay connected by joining RSL NSW using the online form at the bottom of this page (or by completing PDF if you prefer).

RSL NSW’s values underpin the Code of Conduct which sets the tone and expectations of members. Members are
renowned for community leadership and the community recognises the RSL brand and what it stands for. Read the Code of Conduct here.

If you prefer to download and submit your application by PDF (downloads available below), please email the completed PDF form to support@rslnsw.org.au or take it to your local RSL sub-Branch.

For any assistance regarding becoming a member, please contact our Member Support Team on 9264 8188 or support@rslnsw.org.au.

Service Member

A Service Member is any former or current service member of the Australian Defence Force or Armed Forces of its Allies.

Please refer to Appendix B of the RSL NSW Constitution to view eligibility criteria if your service has been for less than 6 months.


Unattached Member

An Unattached Member is a current or former service member who does not wish to join a sub-Branch but would like to join RSL NSW as a ‘virtual’ member and receive regular communications, such as newsletters, that keep you informed of events, latest news and support updates.

We hope that you will be able to transition your membership to support your local sub-Branch and fellow veterans in the future.


Affiliate Member

An Affiliate Member is a relative of a Service Member, a Cadet or Officer of Cadets or a member of the public who has provided significant service to the League would like to volunteer their time to assist the sub-Branch. Please note that not all RSL NSW sub-Branches can accept Affiliate members.

Auxiliary Member

Stay connected to service, support, and mateship by joining RSL NSW

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