Want to become a WSO? Here’s how.

Are you looking for a way to provide hands-on support to your local veteran community? Consider completing the training to become a WSO.


WSO Training

All WSOs are required to complete a one-day course that covers essential skills and procedures, including communication, active listening, the importance of self-care when caring for others, visitor etiquette in hospital and aged-care facilities, privacy concerns, and how to manage a funeral service. WSOs are also equipped with a network of contacts for statewide and local services that they can refer veterans and family members to.  

The WSO course is conducted by RSL NSW trained facilitators and is free to attend. 

The next round of WSO training sessions is scheduled for the following dates: 

  • Campbelltown: 24 June 2024   
  • Penrith: 4 July 2024
  • Inverell: 12 August 2024

To join a session, or request training in your district, please complete this online form.

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Do WSOs need to have any formal qualifications?

A WSO is an ideal entry-level position for RSL NSW members who want to support other veterans in their community by connecting them to the services and support they need. Members are required to complete a free one-day WSO course, conducted by RSL NSWtrained facilitators. No formal qualifications are required. 

My sub-Branch has a welfare officer. How does a WSO differ from this role?

The WSO project was introduced in 2023 to ensure consistency in training across RSL NSW membership to offer wellbeing support to veterans and their families. All existing sub-Branch Welfare Officers can elect to complete the WSO course, and the appointment of a WSO must be approved by sub-Branch Executives. 

How much time will a WSO be expected to dedicate to the role?

WSOs can commit as little or as much time as they like to the role, and may choose to volunteer in only the areas that they feel comfortable in 

Is there ongoing support available to WSOs?

ANZAC House has a designated Volunteer Manager to support volunteer advocates and WSOs, and to provide ongoing training and networking opportunities. If you need assistance, please reach out to support@rslnsw.org.au or 1300 679 775. 

What’s the benefit of having a WSO in the sub-Branch?

WSOs can offer:  

  • referrals for training and employment pathways, housing providers, counselling and health services, and claims and compensation advocacy 
  • support to claims Advocates,  
  • visits to veterans at home, and in hospital and aged-care facilities 
  • support services, such as driving and shopping trips 
  • support at funerals 
  • assistance organising domestic assistance or home maintenance services 
  • assistance with administrative duties in a volunteer capacity 
  • support organising and conducting social, family and Sport & Recreation Program activities 
  • non-clinical and non-advocacy support to a veteran’s family during time of grief, loss, and bereavement  
Do WSOs receive a badge?

ANZAC House will issue a personalised name badge to all RSL NSW WSOs, to assist them in being identified by veterans and family members in the community. 

Want more information about the WSO project?

If you need more information or would like to register for a WSO training session, please reach out to support@rslnsw.org.au or 1300 679 775.