Media Statement – ANZAC Day

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RSL NSW has been working with the NSW Government since September last year to ensure that ANZAC Day commemorations can proceed across NSW. Marches, Dawn Services, and all other commemorations can proceed in NSW.

The Sydney CBD March is a unique event that does not easily fit within the NSW Government Public Health Order. RSL NSW negotiated with NSW Health for 500 veterans to participate in a Controlled Outdoor Event on 25 April 2021, which was approved. To date, RSL NSW has received less than 200 registrations in the ticket ballot for the Sydney CBD March.

RSL NSW has been transparent in its communications that NSW Health has offered an exemption for the number of participants in Sydney CBD March to be increased to 1000 people, not an unlimited capacity. RSL NSW has not received formal confirmation of this exemption from NSW Health

RSL NSW advised NSW sub-Branches that ANZAC Day commemorations can proceed by complying with the NSW Government guidelines to conduct a Controlled Outdoor Event in consultation with NSW Police and Councils. RSL NSW has not imposed restrictions on any commemoration outside of the Sydney CBD.

In response to calls for an exemption for the Sydney CBD March to proceed ‘as usual’, RSL NSW will apply to the NSW Government to approve an exemption for an un-ticketed Sydney CBD March for an unlimited number of participants and spectators.

RSL NSW facilitates ANZAC Day commemorations on behalf of the community and will continue to comply with the Public Health Orders stipulated by the NSW Government as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.