Circular – 4 June 2020

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EOI for additional RSL NSW Tribunal members

Dear members,

The RSL NSW Constitution (Clause 17) allows for the establishment of the RSL NSW Tribunal. The Tribunal hears, determines and adjudicates disciplinary matters – making recommendations to the Board in accordance with the provisions of the RSL NSW Constitution.

The RSL NSW Tribunal consists of between five and eight members, comprising five Service Members. It may also comprise independent persons who are not RSL NSW Members who the Board determines have the requisite qualifications, skills and experience. Members should consider forwarding this circular on to non-members who have the desired skillset and are interested in supporting the League as an independent member of the Tribunal. RSL NSW employees cannot be appointed to the RSL NSW Tribunal.

The Board is seeking three new members to serve on the Tribunal with the five empanelled Service Members already appointed. People interested in serving on the Tribunal should make themselves familiar with Appendix D of the RSL NSW Constitution before submitting an expression of interest.

Although these positions do not require service experience, service experience does not preclude application. Either backgrounds are highly regarded. In order to respond to this expression of interest, people must submit a one-page EOI, addressed to the Tribunal Registrar, outlining their suitability against the following criteria:

  • Experience in dispute resolution and/or peer review
  • Communication skills
  • Experience in a member-based organisation
  • Knowledge of governance procedures or administrative review
  • Any other experience relevant to the tribunal process

Although not a requirement, experience in technology enabled proceedings would be well regarded.

The Tribunal Registrar can be contacted via email:

Submissions will then be reviewed by the nominations committee and recommended to the Board for consideration.

Further information and documentation is available from the Registrar.




Jeff O’Brien

GM Member Services & State Secretary