Circular – 4 August 2020

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Assurance on Membership Data

Dear sub-Branch Honorary Secretary,

Over the past 12 months ANZAC House has issued membership data lists to all sub-Branches for the purposes of updating our database to process membership capitation fees and confirm member data for the coming Board election. As the end part of this process, paying the 2020 capitation fee invoice to ANZAC House will be considered an assurance of the data by the sub-Branch for the purposes of complying with the constitutional requirements to participate in the Board election. We thank sub-Branch Honorary Secretaries for supporting this process and helping us ensure that all eligible members are able to vote in this election.

As we now approach the election period, it is important that any changes to membership data that have occurred since the last membership list was issued, i.e. changes of address, new members or late renewals, be updated in the ANZAC House database before the close of the member roll on 31 August. If any Service Member or sub-Branch Secretary needs to update data prior to the close of the roll, please immediately contact the Support Unit at ANZAC House on 1300 679 775 or . Do not leave it to the last minute.

There are still a number of sub-Branches that have not paid the capitation fee invoice that was issued to them in May. Payment of this invoice is a requirement under clause 13.39 (b) of the RSL NSW Constitution. It is also important in terms of the member data assurance process outlined above. I would ask those sub-Branches to address this matter immediately or contact ANZAC House if there are reasons why they are unable to pay the invoice.

Please contact ANZAC House if you require more information.




Jeff O’Brien

GM Members Services & State Secretary