Circular – 24 January 2020

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Dear Honorary Secretary,

ANZAC Appeal 2020

Sub-Branches are once again invited to take part in the ANZAC Appeal as part of the RSL mission to support veterans and their families. The ANZAC Appeal highlights the RSLs connection to and custodianship of ANZAC Day and the significance of this connection in communities across Australia.

Thank you to all of the sub-Branches and Auxiliaries who have provided feedback previously. In response to your feedback, changes are being made to how the 2020 ANZAC Appeal will be conducted.

This year, sub-Branches will not be fundraising on behalf of RSL DefenceCare. Instead, sub-Branches who conduct their own local activity will keep all funds raised.

This change will significantly reduce administration of the appeal and allow sub-Branches to keep the net funds they raise, to support local veterans. Fundraising should still take place under the ANZAC Appeal banner to provide clarity to the general public about the RSL acting together, delivering locally.

To take part in this year’s appeal, please follow the steps outlined in the 2020 ANZAC Appeal sub-Branch process and information sheet linked below. Sub-Branches will need to purchase stock from our approved supplier, PMA Global, who are offering an exclusive charity discount to the RSL NSW network. There will be no restrictions on the amount of stock you can order, and unused stock can be used for future sub-Branch fundraising activities. If you want a broader selection than is available from our approved supplier, you may also purchase stock from the Military Shop, who offer an RSL wholesale price. Please note that Military Shop items are not tax-deductible.

For more information, please read the below documents on how your sub-Branch can take part in the 2020 ANZAC Appeal:

The simplified process for the 2020 ANZAC Appeal is:

  1. Review the ANZAC 2020 catalogue or the Military Shop catalogue
  2. Place your order by COB Friday 21 February and pay directly through PMA Global or the Military Shop
  3. Receive and check your order
  4. Conduct the appeal in your local community
  5. Bank 100% of donations in your sub-Branch bank account
  6. Retain unused stock for future activities

I hope that this new process makes the 2020 ANZAC Appeal the most successful ever and, as always, RSL NSW welcomes your feedback on how the appeal runs this year.



Jeff O’Brien

GM Member Services and State Secretary