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The RSL NSW funding model has been launched.    Funding The Future

RSL NSW | Respecting, supporting and remembering our veterans and their families.    Home

The RSL NSW funding model has been launched.    Funding The Future

The National Centre for Veterans' Healthcare has multiple specialists in one location at Concord Hospital in Sydney. Working as a multidisciplinary team, the specialists combine with the patient, their family and carers and primary healthcare providers to create one collaborative recovery team.    National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare

RSL NSW State Congress and AGM was attended by more than 240 delegates, discussing the future of the League, new initiatives and more. Here are the highlights.    RSL NSW State Congress 2022 highlights
14 November 2022

The strategy, performance, corporate governance and risk appetite of RSL NSW are the responsibility, and are managed under the direction of, the Board of Directors of RSL NSW.    Board of Directors

RSL NSW can connect veterans and their families to the support they need, including with DVA claims, financial assistance, housing support and health and wellbeing.    Find Help

RSL NSW President Ray James OAM delivered the President's Report to the 2021 RSL NSW Annual State Congress and AGM on 6 December 2021.    President’s Report – RSL NSW State Congress 2021
9 December 2021

Here is a glimpse of the accomplishments within the RSL LifeCare Veteran Services’ core services from July 2022 and June 2023.    RSL LifeCare Veteran Services achievements and progress report FY22-23
11 August 2023

Veterans returning to civilian life bring a wealth of skills employers can tap into. Initiatives like the RSL Veterans’ Employment Program connect willing organisations with talented workers.    How the RSL Veterans’ Employment Program helps employers hire veterans
21 June 2022

New research into Defence and veteran suicide reveals an urgent need for action.    New Defence and veteran suicide research
18 November 2022

The range of services that are available to veterans via Homes for Heroes, and two veterans on how the program has changed their lives for the better.    How Homes for Heroes provides life-saving services to veterans experiencing homelessness
1 February 2024

How RSL NSW Liaison Officer Bronte Pollard works with RSL NSW sub-Branches to help provide more informed health and wellbeing support to members.    How Bronte Pollard works with sub-Branches to advance veterans’ wellbeing
6 February 2023

The League in NSW apologises for the mistreatment of Vietnam War veterans and reaffirms its pledge to stand for all veterans now and in the future.    RSL NSW apologises to Vietnam War veterans
18 August 2023
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