The Vets Hub: a veteran’s pathway to financial wellbeing

Among the challenges faced by veterans when returning to civilian life, getting their financial wellbeing in order can be overwhelming for some. 

Enter the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation’s (CSC) Vets Hub, established in early 2020 by David Wilton, a veteran himself and CSC’s National Manager, Defence and Veterans Liaison.

The Vets Hub realises David’s vision of a network of services with a shared understanding and sense of the veteran community. It’s where connection and the centralisation of support allows for easier and simpler access to trusted services for veterans and families.

“Our vision is a single front door, one collaborative network that breaks down complex matters into simple truths that are easy to understand,” Wilton says.

“There are thousands of ex-service organisations and veteran support organisations around Australia, all working for better outcomes for veterans and their families but sometimes it can become overwhelming for the veterans.”

The Vets Hub works in collaboration with the veteran community to identify their needs, and better understand their circumstances. This process assists the Vets Hub to tailor the support provided by CSC such as training for advocates, member education consultations, more direct access to claim specialists and dedicated support for families. The Hub also provides an opportunity to speak with CSC directly about what they need, and how they can be better supported.

“The veteran community is diverse and complex, therefore the best course of action for one veteran or military family might not be ideal for another,” Wilton says.

“We want veterans and their families to be able to access the right support and information at the right time for them.”

And the Vets Hub is well positioned to do exactly that. CSC is one of only a few organisations that builds a longstanding relationship with veterans from the day they join the ADF and that relationship continues on their journey through ADF service, to their transition from the ADF and into life after service, and then to retirement.

“The more trusted organisations that are connected to veterans and families on their journey, the more we are together supporting them for life.”

The Vets Hub Community is growing and now includes a regular e-newsletter with regular financial wellbeing information, veterans news, links to trusted support services, and stories from veterans.

Visit The Vets Hub web page today to see what’s possible on a veteran’s pathway to financial wellbeing.