RSL NSW donates $2.1 million to RSL LifeCare

RSL NSW recently announced a $2.1 million donation to assist RSL LifeCare in delivering its life-changing support programs for veterans.

At a glance:

  • RSL NSW has presented its charity partner RSL LifeCare with a $2.1 million donation.
  • 76 RSL NSW sub-Branches contributed to this donation.
  • This $2.1 million donation will support the delivery of veteran health, housing, employment, financial and wellbeing support, as well as DVA advocacy.

76 RSL NSW sub-Branches donate $2.1 million to RSL LifeCare

RSL NSW President Ray James and representatives from sub-Branches across the State presented RSL LifeCare with a $2.1 million donation on behalf of contributing sub-Branches to support LifeCare’s vital work.

Last year, thanks to the support of RSL NSW and other donors, RSL LifeCare was able to:

  • Provide $525,609 in financial assistance, including $324,305 in disaster assistance
  • Assist 107 veterans experiencing homelessness
  • Help 505 veterans to lodge 1567 DVA claims
  • Provide 310 counselling sessions
  • Make 474 virtual or socially distanced visits to veterans and family members at homes, hospitals or nursing homes
  • Lodge 173 new Veterans’ Review Board (VRB) appeals
  • Complete 244 Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mediation discussions
  • Represent veterans at 57 full VRB hearings
  • RSL Employment Program – Assisted veterans and their partners with securing employment
  • SPUR Equine Program – Facilitated horse handling programs to promote mindfulness and wellbeing

This latest $2.1 million donation will assist LifeCare to continue this vital support through the Royal Commission period, the continued impact on veterans of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and isolation related to COVID-19 restrictions.

“We have already seen increased need for support services in the first half of 2021, and we expect this to continue with the pressure of COVID-19 restrictions, the Royal Commission and more,” Mr James said. “We are pleased to be in a position to support RSL LifeCare with the assistance of our generous RSL NSW sub-Branches.”

Seventy-six sub-Branches and related organisations contributed to this donation, including the Auxiliary’s contribution of proceeds of the sale of face masks, a far-flung donation from the Norfolk Island sub-Branch, and many donations large and small from metropolitan and regional sub-Branches.

A generous boost to the total came from three sub-Branches that were able to donate in excess of $100,000 each – City of Blacktown RSL sub-Branch, Maroubra RSL sub-Branch and Bronte RSL sub-Branch.

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“I commend all of those who made the decision to support this important cause with the resources available to their sub-Branches, no matter the scale of their support” Mr James said.  “They are truly embracing our ethos of ‘One RSL’ in supporting veterans and their families beyond the borders of their local communities.”

“They are truly embracing our ethos of ‘One RSL’ in supporting veterans and their families beyond the borders of their local communities.” – Ray James, President, RSL NSW

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