Infographic: Events for young veterans

We asked younger veterans what motivates them to attend sub-Branch events — and what the organisation should focus on moving forward.

To help sub-Branches reach out to more local young veterans and their families, RSL NSW conducted extensive research to determine what younger veterans and their families are seeking from the organisation, and to ensure support and services are hitting the mark.

The research was completed in three phases. Firstly, a short survey was completed by more than 700 members of the veteran community to set the agenda for further enquiry. Next, we conducted 27 hours of one-on-one interviews with young veterans and their partners, gaining a deeper understanding of their experiences, challenges and day-to-day lives.

Lastly, the findings of the interviews were tested on a wider population set, with a long survey completed by 886 respondents scaling the valuable insights and providing empirical data.

We’ve previously shared a summary of the support services young veterans are seeking and outlined 10 insights veterans told us about their lives and goals. Now, here’s what young veterans told us they want from sub-Branch events in their local communities.